Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6 Things You May Not Know About HIPAA Exams

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Exams is a company that has been offering healthcare training courses to hospitals, universities, pharmacies, and even the US Air Force, for over a decade. When it comes to staying healthy, HIPAA Exams is an encyclopedia of knowledge and relevant training courses.
Below you will find some information on how the company works and what their healthcare course entails.
• The training course is an online application that is quite easy to access and fast for members to use. The training course at HIPAA Exams is open for anyone: whether you are an individual looking to obtain certificates in the medical domain or if you are an employer looking to train 10,000 staff members.
• There are two types of accounts offered on the HIPAA Exams website: for individual users and for corporate accounts. For the former type of account, the user simply signs up, watches the desired course, which is presented in Adobe flash form, takes the test attached to the course as many times as he needs to, and afterwards is free to print the certificate.
• For the corporate account, an admin, usually the employer, has to first sign up and then enter as many staff members as he wishes; for commodity, the admin can attach an excel file containing all the staff members as opposed to having to introduce each name manually. An admin also several advantages, such as tracking members' completion rates, assigning new courses or renewals, as well as printing reports or certificates.
• Applicants can choose from the HIPAA Basic and Advanced course, according to the type of training they require. The HIPAA Advanced training course is meant for employees who work in a hospital or other covered healthcare facilities, as well as anybody who has access to patient medical records or health plans.
• In order to keep up with all the advances in medicine and the innovation in the healthcare industry, HIPAA exams constantly updates the courses, completely for free, as there are no recurring fees. Although, once achieved, a certificate does not expire, members are urged to check the updates in order to stay compliant with any new regulations.
• All of the courses offered at HIPAA exams are in accordance with the US Department of Health and Human Services, the American Heart Association, the Red Cross, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation, and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Because of this, applicants can rest assured that the certificates are recognized on a national level and that all the information taught is up to date and relevant to the current situation in the healthcare system.
To sum up, HIPAA Exams is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to gather more information about how to stay healthy and how to handle oneself in a medical environment. The online portal is easy to access at any time and from any place and the courses are presented in a manner which is simple to comprehend.

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